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Carrie Winteregg

Chicago Real Estate LawyerCarrie Winteregg

Carrie Winteregg is a dedicated and driven attorney focusing in the areas of real estate, municipal law, and business law. Ms. Winteregg represents small businesses for breach of contract cases and contract negotiations. She also defends developers and property owners in both the Cook County Circuit Court and Chicago’s Department of Administrative Hearings defending building code violations, including gang house charges and demolition cases. She is also experienced in condominium law, drafting condominium amendments, and pursuing and defending actions for collections of back assessments. Ms. Winteregg assists landlords in pursuing eviction actions. She assists tenants in prosecuting landlord violations of the Chicago Residential Landlord Tenant Ordinance. She also represents defendants in foreclosure proceedings.

Before coming to Pissetzky & Berliner, LLC, Ms. Winteregg worked in the City of Chicago’s Department of Law, the Collections, Ownership, and Administrative Litigation Division. While working for the City, she developed extensive knowledge of the Municipal Code of Chicago concerning property and building violations as well as state law concerning demolitions, liens, and condominium law. She gained litigation experience in both Chicago’s Department of Administrative Hearings and the Cook County Circuit Court.

Ms. Winteregg received her J.D. from the University of Dayton School of Law in 2011. While in law school, she gained valuable experience with a year-long externship with the Honorable Magistrate Judge Sharon Ovington in the United States District Court, the Southern District of Ohio. Additionally, Ms. Winteregg was named the Top Oralist at the 2009 Walter Rice Moot Court Competition and was awarded the Janice M. Paulus Prize for Best Overall Performance. She also served as a member of the Moot Court Board and the Mock Trial team. Ms. Winteregg was admitted to the practice law in Illinois in 2011. She is a member of the Chicago Bar Association.

Ms. Winteregg completed her undergraduate degree at Wittenberg University in 2006. After completing her degree, she lived in Gimpo, South Korea for two years teaching English at a private language school. While in South Korea, she traveled around East Asia and developed a love of kimchi.

Ms. Winteregg is a member of the Lakeview Rotary Club. She enjoys cooking, historic architecture, and reading.

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    People v. IP (2014) Mr. IP was arrested for possession of a large amount of a controlled substance after Chicago police executed a search warrant. Arguing that the information in the search warrant was fabricated, Mr. Pissetzky filed a Motion to Produce Informant. Against the odds, the judge granted the motion and ordered the State to produce the informant. When the State failed to do so, the judge dismissed the case.
  • Sentenced Reduced Heroin Conspiracy
    USA v. DA – 2011 – Mr. DA was charged in one the biggest Heroin busts in Chicago. DA was facing a mandatory life sentence under the Federal Rules because he was a repeat offender. After long negotiations, Mr. Pissetzky was able to demonstrate that DA was not part of the conspiracy and convinced the judge to sentence DA to only 37 months. All other charges were dropped.
  • Case Dismissed Motion Granted, Case Dismissed
    People v. RMC – Chicago police officers received information that a 2 kilo cocaine deal was going to happen in a garage. They set up surveillance and saw RMC pull into the garage in car. When he walked out of the garage, the Chicago police officers arrested him. While the officers searched the garage and car, they found 2 kilos of cocaine in the car. Mr. Pissetzky and another attorney filed a Motion to Suppress the Arrest and Quash the evidence. After a highly contested hearing, the judge held that the Chicago Police officers violated RMC’s Constitutional rights under the 4th Amendment, and Granted the Motion. The prosecutor had no choice but to dismiss all charges against RMC.
  • Not Guilty Not Guilty: possession of cocaine with the intent to deliver
    People v. JB – 2011 – Mr. JB was charged with 3 other co-defendants with possession of cocaine with the intent to deliver. Although the State’s attorney made a very low offer for a plea, Mr. Pissetzky advised JB to proceed to trail. During a bench trial, Mr. Pissetzky proved to the judge that JB did not have any knowledge of the drugs that were recovered from the car of the co-defendant. Although the police testified that they saw the drug transaction, Mr. Pissetzky convinced the judge that the state did not prove its case beyond a reasonable doubt. The judge found JB NOT GUILTY on all charges.
  • Not Guilty on All Counts People v. AB
    AB was charged with child pornography, criminal sexual abuse and criminal sexual assault. Although the State made several offers on the case, Mr.Pissetzky and another attorney demanded trial. At trial, Mr. Pissetzky cross-examined the State’s witnesses and proved that AB did not know that the victim was under 18 years of age. After listening to the evidence, the judge found AB NOT GUILTY on all counts.
  • Dismissed People v. AH
    AH was charged with possessions with intent to distribute a large amount of cocaine. Mr. Pissetzky litigation skills led to the dismissal of all charges against AH.
  • Case Dismissed People v. ARP
    ARP was charged with a Class X felony of Possession with Intent to Distribute cocaine . After careful review of the police reports, Mr. Pissetzky filed a motion to quash and suppress evidence. At the hearing, Mr. Pissetzky proved to the judge that that the Cook County Sheriff that stopped ARP search ARP’s car illegally. The judge Granted the motion to quash and suppress and the case against ARP was Dismissed.
  • Not Guilty People v. FR
    FR was charged with predatory criminal assault, and 4 counts of aggravated criminal sexual assault. During a week long jury trial, Mr. Pissetzky exposed the alleged minor “victim” as a liar. In addition, Mr. Pissetzky call witnesses to testify to the true nature of the “victim”. After grueling cross-examinations, the jury returned a verdict of Not Guilty on all charges.
  • Not Guilty People v. H
    People v. H- H was charged with the first degree murder of 3 people. The prosecutor had two witnesses that claimed they were with H when he committed the murders. After receiving the discovery from the prosecutor, Mr. Pissetzky and his team conducted their own investigation and uncovered that someone else committed the murders. At trial, Mr. Pissetzky cross examined the prosecutions witnesses and exposed their lies. After the prosecution rested their case, Mr. Pissetzky moved the court to dismiss all charges and find H not guilty. The Judge agreed with Mr. Pissetzky and found H Not Guilty of all charges dismissing the case.
  • Not Guilty People v. RT
    RT was charged with Possession with intent to deliver half a kilogram of Heroin. RT was facing a Class X Felony. Chicago police officers executed a search warrant at his home where they seized the Heroin. Mr. Pissetzky demonstrated to the judge during cross examination that RT did not have the required knowledge that the Heroin was at the home. The judge found RT Not Guilty.


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