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Sally Pissetzky Steele

Sally Pissetzky Steele

Chicago Family Law AttorneySally Pissetzky Steele

Sally's practice is centered around domestic relations and domestic violence as a litigator, a mediator, and a collaborative attorney. She knows that each family has its own unique dynamics, and her job is to help her clients successfully meet the goals they have for their family. Whether the issue is orders of protection, allocation of parental responsibilities (custody), parenting time, child support, divorce, or enforcing her clients' rights under the law, Sally will put their needs and expectations first and foremost to get a successful outcome.

Sally has had some of the best mentors in the field to help form her unique experience in domestic relations. She knows when it is appropriate to fight vigorously for rights, and when to try to work collaboratively to achieve the best outcome in a realistic timeframe. Sally has achieved countless positive results both through judgments, orders, and agreements for her clients.

In the field of domestic relations, Illinois law provides the rules and guidelines that attorneys must follow to achieve results for their clients. Sally believes that when the law is on her client's side, but a judge or opposing party does not recognize those rights, vigorous litigation is essential to achieve her client's goals. Other times, when financial and circumstantial constraints present themselves, mediation or collaborative law can best achieve her client's goals and rights within the law in a shorter time for lesser fees. As such, Sally confidently practices as a litigator with courtroom experience, and also holds a certificate in Divorce Mediation from the Northwestern School of Professional Studies.

Additionally, Sally has extensive experience prosecuting and defending orders of protection in both civil and criminal settings. Protecting the safety and well-being of victims of domestic violence is an essential part of her practice. At the same time, defending the rights of those accused of domestic violence is equally important, in order to truly protect those in need and avoid the inappropriate use of domestic violence courts to achieve unintended results.

Sally is open-minded and ready to fight for the best outcome for her clients. Call her for a consultation about litigation, mediation, and collaborative law in the context of your situation. She looks forward to speaking with you and helping you achieve your goals.

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