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An accusation of federal tax evasion can place your life under the microscope of the IRS Criminal Investigative Division (CID). The consequences of a conviction can be devastating, holding the potential to irrevocably alter your livelihood. If IRS CID agents have contacted you or you have reason to believe that you are part of an ongoing investigation, it is time to get Pissetzky & Berliner, LLC involved. Our Chicago federal defense lawyers have an in-depth knowledge of the criminal statutes regulating tax law and can fight tirelessly to protect you from aggressive federal prosecutors.

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Charges and Penalties for Tax Evasion in Chicago

Tax evasion is a felony offense occurring when an individual pays less (or nothing) in taxes than is owed. To secure a criminal conviction, federal prosecutors must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that a defendant engaged in actions meant to hide assets from the IRS or distort their financial capacity to pay taxes. If convicted, a defendant may face up to five years in prison and be forced to pay substantial fines. Our firm can work to shield you from these punishments. We have gone head-to-head against prosecutors in the most complex federal cases and have come out on top. If you have questions about your specific case, do not hesitate to contact our Chicago tax evasion lawyers.

We can assist with cases including:

  • Failure to file a tax return
  • Providing false tax information
  • Hidden or unreported income
  • Conducting transactions under false names

The IRS Wants to Audit Me for Tax Evasion - What Do I Do?

Has the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) or another government agency accused you of committing the federal crime of tax evasion? A full tax audit will be the next thing on the agenda, if you haven’t been notified about the commencement of one already. It might feel like your position is indefensible due to the sheer size and strength of the forces against you, but there are steps you can take to help build your defense and hopefully clear your name.

Here’s five steps to remember when you are being audited by the IRS due to suspicion of a tax crime:

  1. Check the fine print: Most people who are audited by the IRS find out through a mailed notification, not necessarily a direct accusation from the agency or a law enforcement official. If you received such a notification, review it carefully to ensure it is linked to a pending criminal investigation for tax fraud or evasion. You might just be one of the people who get randomly audited by the IRS for literally no reason other than bad luck.
  2. Get a lawyer: Did you confirm that you are suspected of committing tax evasion? An audit is not the same as criminal charges being filed against you, but it might as well be since it represents the beginning of the government’s potential case against you. Prepare yourself early by hiring a Chicago tax evasion attorney upfront. At the very least, your legal professional can provide counsel, at most, they can act on your behalf in court.
  3. Collect tax records: The IRS claims that it will only look back three tax years during a random audit. However, in unique circumstances, such as a criminal investigation, the IRS will dig back as far as six years. This is how far you should go through your own tax records, collecting copies for study and usage. The goal is to be just as thorough as the IRS.
  4. Be transparent: The worst mistake you can make is trying to hide information from the IRS or lying to an investigator. Even if the audit concludes that your taxes are in order, you’ll be charged with tax evasion all the same for trying to obstruct the audit through deceit.
  5. Don’t say too much: On the other hand, you don’t need to tell IRS auditors everything if you’re uncomfortable or uncertain. Always check with your Chicago tax evasion attorney to see what should be said and how. Since the audit could turn into a criminal investigation, it is possible that you could inadvertently incriminate yourself.

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While being implicated in a tax evasion or fraud case can be terrifying, you do not have to face the federal government alone. Our Chicago tax evasion lawyers can help you to understand the specifics of your case as well as your options for a solid defense. Secure the services of our firm and gain the backing of a former prosecutor and award-winning advocates who have fought cases before the Illinois Supreme Court and Federal Appellate Courts. We are trial-ready attorneys who won’t back down when your future is on the line.

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  • Dropped All Charges after Motion USA v. Client O

    USA v. Client O - After a complex investigation into child pornography on the internet, federal agents obtained a search warrant to search O’s home and work computers. A forensic review of the devises seized revealed child pornography and O was charged with Possession and distribution of child pornography and altering a hard drive to obstructed the investigation. Mr. Pissetzky and his team used their own forensic expert to examine the computers and discovered that the Agent lied in his affidavit for the search warrants. After filing a motion to suppress the warrant, the government conceded and dropped all child pornography charges. O pled guilty to obstructing the investigation and received a sentence well below the guidelines.

  • Not Guilty Wrongfully Accused of Murder and Attempted Murder: Not Guilty
    MH had been wrongfully accused of murder and attempted murder. Mr. Pissetzky tried to explain to the State’s Attorneys that they had the wrong man, but it fell on deaf ears. Mr. Pissetzky then demanded trial , and after a week of relentless cross-examination, the jury returned a verdict of NOT GUILTY on all charges – NOT GUILTY of murder and NOT GUILTY of attempt murder – in less then two hours!!
  • Sentence Reduced Pissetzky Saves Defendant from Crack-Cocaine Drug Conspiracy and Other Drug Charges
    (USA v. SO (2010)) – In 2008, the DEA arrested SO for taking part in a large crack cocaine drug conspiracy. At the preliminary hearing, Mr. Pissetzky was able to demonstrate that SO was not involved in the overall conspiracy, and eventually SO was indicted on only two drug transactions he allegedly conducted. During plea negotiations, Mr. Pissetzky convinced the government to dismiss the actual drug charges, and SO pled guilty to a much lesser charge. SO was originally facing over 10 years in prison. At the sentencing hearing before Judge Zagel, Mr. Pissetzky convinced the Judge to sentence SO to time served (roughly 24 months).
  • Not Guilty Marijuana Trafficking Not Guilty
    People v. BR – NOT GUILTY verdict by a jury. BR was charged with Marijuana Trafficking over 1100LB. Mr. Pissetzky and another attorney tried the case to a jury. After a three day trial, the jury deliberated for less then two hours finding BR Not Guilty.
  • Not Guilty People v. GE
    Finding of Not Guilty! GE was charged with possession with intent to deliver a kilogram of heroine, a class X felony carrying a minimum of 15 years in prison. At trial, Mr. Pissetzky proved that the prosecutor did not have sufficient evidence to show that GE ever possessed the drugs.
  • Dismissed USA v. DD
    DD was charged with selling narcotics and was charged in Federal court in Chicago. Mr. Pissetzky was able to present to the prosecutor enough evidence to convince the prosecutor to dismiss all charges against DD.
  • Dismissed People v. AH
    AH was charged with possessions with intent to distribute a large amount of cocaine. Mr. Pissetzky litigation skills led to the dismissal of all charges against AH.
  • Case Dismissed Motion Granted, Case Dismissed
    People v. RMC – Chicago police officers received information that a 2 kilo cocaine deal was going to happen in a garage. They set up surveillance and saw RMC pull into the garage in car. When he walked out of the garage, the Chicago police officers arrested him. While the officers searched the garage and car, they found 2 kilos of cocaine in the car. Mr. Pissetzky and another attorney filed a Motion to Suppress the Arrest and Quash the evidence. After a highly contested hearing, the judge held that the Chicago Police officers violated RMC’s Constitutional rights under the 4th Amendment, and Granted the Motion. The prosecutor had no choice but to dismiss all charges against RMC.
  • Case Dimissed Motion to Suppress Heroin Granted
    People v. AP – After Chicago Police officers walked up to AP after he parked his car, they searched him and the car and found about 1/2 a kilo of Heroin. AP was arrested and charged with a Class X felony. Mr. Pissetzky and Mr. De Leon filed a Motion to Suppress Heroin and Quash AP’s arrest. During the hearing, Mr. Pissetzky proved to the judge that the officers lied and that they violated AP’s Fourth Amendment Rights. The judge granted the motion and the State’s Attorney had no choice but to dismiss the case.
  • Case Dismissed Motion Granted Case Dismissed
    People v. RW – RW was charged with a Class X Felony of Possession with Intent to Deliver Marijuana. Chicago Police Officers stopped RW after they saw him place 2 large UPS boxes in the trunk of his car. The officers believed that the boxes contained marijuana. After the stop, the officers searched the car and recovered the boxes. The boxes in fact contained a large amount of marijuana. Mr. Gal Pissetzky, along with co-counsel, filed a Motion to Quash Arrest and Suppress Evidence claiming that RW was illegally stopped and searched. During the hearing, Mr. Pissetzky cross examined the Chicago Police officers and proved to the judge that the officers acted illegally and violated RW’s Constitutional Rights under the Fourth Amendment. The judge granted the Motion and all charges against RW were dismissed.


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